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It's usually a good idea to specify a background color to go along with your background image. I won't do so in this section, since we're concentrating on background-image for the moment. We'll come back to why setting a color is a good idea later on in the chapter.

A background image can be applied to any element, whether block-level or inline. BODY is the most common element to which backgrounds are applied, of course, but there's no need CODE = "" ARCHIVE = "" NAME = "SearchApplet" WIDTH = 600 HEIGHT = 360 >

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great.</FONT></B> You can try a funky font, but if the client browser doesn't support it, your page may not look so great. <H1>Biggest Headline</H1>
Controlling line breaks, alignment and indents

The &nbsp; character is a non-breaking space that can be used to insure line breaks don't occur between certain pairs of words in a title. 

Inline replaced elements, such as images, are subject to a few crucial differences in how inline formatting is handled. This difference stems from the fact that replaced elements are still assumed to have an intrinsic height and width; for example, an image will be a certain number of pixels high and wide.

However, a replaced element with an intrinsic height can cause a line box to become taller than normal. This does not such as those shown in Figure 4-52:

P {letter-spacing: 0.25em;}SMALL {font-size: 50%;}<P>This spacious paragraph features <SMALL>tiny text which is justas spacious</SMALL>, even though the author probably wanted thespacing to be in proportion to the size of the text.</P>
Figure 4-52

Figure 4-52. Inherited letterspacing

The only way to get an effect where the letterspacing is inproportion to the size of the text is to set it explicitly, with the