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"inherit" the element's background; in other words, the background of an element fills its content area and padding. Padding set on inline elements does not affect line-height calculations, but will be applied to the right and left ends of the element. If an inline element has both padding and a background, the background may be extended above and below the edges of the line-box in which the inline element appears, but user agents are not required to support this behavior. There is also no defined behavior to say whether the foreground content of a previous line appears above the background of a succeeding line, or is overwritten by that content-height, and so will not affect the height of the inline box for this element. Adding borders to an inline element will not affect the way line boxes are generated, as Figure 8-59 illustrates.

Figure 8-59

Figure 8-59. Large inline boxes can overlap many other lines

One can assign margins to nonreplaced inline elements as well, but these effectively do not apply to the top and bottom of a nonreplaced inline element, and so don't affect the height of the line box. The ends of the element are another story, as we saw in Chapter 7, "Boxes and Borders". Once again, this is because an inline element