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Speaking of list items, they have a fewspecial rules in addition to everything discussed so far. List itemsare typically preceded by amarker, such as a small dotor a number. This marker isn't actually part of thelist-item's content area, so you get effects like thoseillustrated in Figure 8-25.

box. First, for each inline nonreplaced element (or string of textoutside of an inline element), the font-size isused to determine the initial content-height.Thus, if an inline element has a font-size of15px , then the content-height starts out as15px .

Second, all of the inline elements in a given line are alignedaccording to their values for vertical-align. Bydefault, this will cause all text in the line to be aligned along given by the CSS2 specification and leave things there. Perhaps thesecond edition of this book will contain more practical advice, butat this time, the only practical advice we can give is this: testyour positioning code thoroughly, and be prepared for inconsistenciesbetween positioning implementations.

9.1. General Concepts

Before delving into the specific mechanisms of positioning, we needto establish a number of concepts. These concepts actually form the