BODY {color: red;}TABLE {color: black;}

That's because the combination of your style, and thebrowser's built-in styles looks like Figure 6-10.

Figure 6-10

Figure 6-10. The result of combining author styles and browser styles

Since there is a color value defined by thebrowser for TABLE elements, it will takeprecedence over the inherited value. This is annoying andunnecessary, but it is an obstacle to be overcome. You can overcome gratis treffen kostenlos dating und flirten chat Book Home Thursday 29th of September 2016 10:19:55 AM Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive GuideSearch this book

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The values of position have the following meanings:


The element's box is generated as normal. Block-level elements generate a rectangular box that is part of the document's flow, and inline-level boxes are generated in the context of one or more line boxes that are flowed within their parent element.

difference between italic and oblique text and knowing why browsersdon't always give you a choice anyway.



italic | oblique |normalSomethingLikeThis . Instead of upper- andlowercase letters, a small-caps font employs uppercase letters ofdifferent sizes. Thus you might see something like the following,shown in Figure 5-29:

H1 {font-variant: small-caps;}P {font-variant: normal;}<H1>The Uses of font-variant</H1>

Of course, this means that when you're designing a page, you need to put some thought into it first. That's generally true in any case, but with colors, it's even more so. For example, if you're going to set all hyperlinks to be yellow, will that clash with the background color in any part of your document? If you use too many colors, will the user be too overwhelmed? If you change the default hyperlink colors, will users still be able to figure out where your links are? If you set both regular text and hyperlink text to be the same color, for instance, then it will be much harder to