Figure 7-40.

H1 {border-style: none none dotted; border-bottom-width: thin;}
P {border-style: solid; border-width: 15px 2px 7px 4px;}
Figure 7-40

Figure 7-40. Value replication and uneven border widths No border at all

So far, we've only talked about what happens when you're using a visible border style such as solid or outset. Things gratis treffen kostenlos dating und flirten chat Book Home Sunday 04th of December 2016 04:51:32 AM Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive GuideSearch this book

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The second rule overrides the width value for the left border assigned by the first rule, thus replacing thick with 20px , as we see in Figure 7-50.

Figure 7-50

Figure 7-50. Using the cascade to one's advantage

7.4.5. Borders and Inline Elements

A lotand its padding, as illustrated in Figure 6-14:

P {background-color: gray;}
Figure 6-14

Figure 6-14. Background gray for paragraphs

If you wish the color to extend out a little bit from the text in the element, then you need only add some padding to the mix, with the result shown in Figure 6-15:

P {background-color: gray; padding: 10px;}
Figure 6-15

Figure 6-15. Backgrounds and padding