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variants. CSS offers a way to address one very common variant.


As for font-variant, it has but two values: the default of normal, which describes ordinary text, and small-caps, which calls for the use of small

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class on the first paragraph. This is done by using new CSS2 selectors, such as the adjacent-sibling selector:

 H1 + P {text-indent: 0;}

In a CSS2-aware user agent, this will set a text-indent of 0 for any paragraph which immediately follows any H1 element. However, since the paragraph here is the child of a DIV, it doesn't immediately follow the H1. Therefore, we would need to add a child


The value is inherited from the parent element. See Chapter 10, "CSS2: A Look Ahead", for more details.

7.7.3. List Item Positions

There is one other thing you can do to influence the appearance of list items under CSS1, and that's change the position of the bullet itself, in relation to the content of the list item. This is accomplished withsimplest case for doing so:

H1 {margin-bottom: 0;}
P {margin-top: 0;}

This is, after all, one correct way to eliminate the space between succeeding elements. Navigator 4.x, however, will display the elements with the usual blank line between them, as you can see in Figure 7-26. This is because it's adding the zero values to its own default margins.

list items. Thus, you might be able to set an ordered list to use discs instead of numbers. In fact, the default value of list-style-type is disc, so you might theorize that without explicit declarations to the contrary, all lists (ordered or unordered) will use discs as the bullet for each item. In fact, that's up to the user agent to decide. Even if the user agent doesn't have a predefined rule such as OL {list-style-type: decimal;}, it may prohibit ordered bullets from being applied to unordered lists, and vice versa. You can't