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1.4.3. The @import Directive

Now for the stuff that is found inside the STYLEtag. First, we have something very similar toLINK: the@import directive. Just likeLINK, @import can be used todirect the web browser to load an external style sheet and use its

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When an element has been absolutely positioned.

The default value of visible means that the content may be visible outside the element's box. Typically, this would lead to the content simply running outside its own element box, but not altering the shape of that box. The following styles would result in Figure 9-8:

DIV#sidebar {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 25%; height: 7em;
overflow: visible;}

In such a case, the entire statement will be invalid and should beignored altogether.

Finally, you need to take the usual precautions with shorthandproperties: if you omit a value, the default will be filled inautomatically. This can have unintended effects. Consider thefollowing:

H4 {border-style: dashed solid double;}H4 {border: medium green;}