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Symbols | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T There are also a lot of FONT tags and a few tablesimbedded within the main table that determines the page'slayout. The skeleton of the page is expressed as a table, with aborder and cell padding added to make the structure more clear:

This has the appearance shown in Figure 11-2.Obviously, there is a lot more in the cells than what's listedabove. The actual content was replaced by labels for the sake ofbrevity and clarity.

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bottom , left, right, and center. Usually, these appear in pairs, but (as Figure 6-36} shows) this is not always true. Then there are length values, such as 50px or 2cm , and finally, percentage values. Each type of value has a slightly different effect on the placement of the background image. Keywords

rectangle's bottom to align with the bottom of the image, andthe right edge to the right edge of the image. The value of0 for left keeps the left edgeof the clipping rectangle against the left edge of the image, but the10px for top moves the top edgeof the clipping rectangle downward 10 pixels. This will cause the top10 pixels of the image to become effectively invisible.

clip can be applied to any element. Thus, youcould display only the top left corner of a paragraph using something your page, though, you set anchors to have a white foreground, andyou don't want a background on those anchors. In order to makesure that this happens, you would declare:

A:link {color: white; background-color: transparent;}

If you left out the background color, then your white foregroundwould combine with the user's white background to yield totallyunreadable links.

total." However, what if all three of these properties are set to 100px , and none of them to auto ?

In the case where all three properties are set to something other than auto -- or, to borrow a term from the CSS specification, when these formatting properties have been over-constrained -- then margin-right is always forced to be auto. This means that if both margins and the width are set to