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The background image is placed one-third of the way across the page,and halfway down it, as depicted in Figure 6-42.

Figure 6-42

Figure 6-42. Declaring only one percentage means the vertical position evaluates to 50%

Table 6-2 gives a breakdown of keyword andpercentage equivalencies.

Table 6-2. Positional Equivalents

In case you were wondering, the default values for alt="Book Home" >

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That's pretty much all there is to setting a background color.Well, except for one more small warning: Navigator 4 gets the placement ofbackground colors completely wrong. Instead of applying thebackground color to the entire content box and padding, the coloronly appears behind the text itself, as shown in Figure 6-17.

Figure 6-17

Figure 6-17. Navigator's incorrect behavior

Let me reiterate: this is totally wrong.