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z-axis: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements
z-index property: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements

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This property has the advantage of being very compact, although thatbrevity introduces a few limitations. Before we worry about that,let's see how border is used. If you wantall H1 elements to have a thick, silver border,it's very simple. This declaration would be displayed as shownin Figure 7-49:

H1 {border: thick silver solid;}

The drawback with border is that you can only <P>This paragraph, which is black and has a black underline, also contains <B>boldfaced text</B> which has the black underline beneath it as well.</P>

Figure 4-59

Figure 4-59. Color consistency in underlines

Why is this so? Because the value of text-decoration is not inherited, the B element has a default value of none. Therefore, the B element has no underline. Of course, there is very clearly a line under the B element, so it seems silly to say that it has no underline. Still, it doesn't. What of the positioned element should be placed from the top of its containing block. In the case of top, positive values move the top edge of the positioned element downward, while negative values move it above the top of its containing block. Similarly, left describes how far to the right (for positive values) or left (for negative values) the outer left edge of the positioned element is from the left edge of its containing block. Another way to look at it is that positive values cause inward offsets, moving the edges toward the center of the containing block,

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the concept of a"bullet," it's the little decoration to the side ofa list item, as depicted in Figure 7-79.

Figure 7-79

Figure 7-79. Bullets

In an unordered list, these will be little symbols, but in an orderedlist, the bullet could be a letter or number.