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Finally, what happens when all three properties are set to auto ? The answer is simple: both margins are set to zero, and the width is made as wide as possible. This result is the same as the default situation when there are no values explicitly declared for margins or the width. In such a case, the margins default to zero (0) and the width defaults to auto. This is illustrated in Figure 8-17.

Figure 8-17

Figure 8-17. Everything set to auto

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z-axis: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements
z-index property: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements

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If abullet's position is set tooutside, it will appear the way list items alwayshave on the Web, as you can see in Figure 7-85:

LI {list-style-position: outside;}
Figure 7-85

Figure 7-85. Placing the bullets outside list items

Should you desire a slightly different appearance, though, you canpull the bullet in toward the content by setting the value to beinside:even though they shouldn't really do so. The reason they violate the specification is simple enough: author expectations.

P {text-decoration: underline; color: black;}
B {color: gray; text-decoration: none;}
<P>This paragraph, which is black and has a black underline, also contains
<B>boldfaced text</B> which does not have black underline beneath it.</P>

As Figure 4-61 shows, a web browser switched off the parent elements. This seems to be in direct contradiction to the rules explained earlier, but it isn't. In the same way that elements can appear to be wider than their parents through negative margins, floated elements can appear to protrude out of their parents.

Let's consider once again a floated image which is floated to the left, and which has left and top margins of -15px . This image is placed inside a DIV which has no padding, borders, or margins. The