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z-axis: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements
z-index property: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements

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them. It will also allow you to define a clipping region to determine the area of the element outside which these sorts of things become an issue, as well as give a way to clip off parts of an element. Overflow

So let's say that you have, for whatever reason, an element that has been pinned to a specific size, and the content doesn't fit. You can take control of the situation with the overflow property. EM {color: #999999;}

Figure 6-9

Figure 6-9. Different colors for different elements

Thanks to the inheritability of color, it's theoretically possible toset all of the ordinary text in a document to be a color such as redby declaring BODY {color:red;}. This should cause all text which is not otherwisestyled (such as anchors, which have their own color styles) to bered. This should not affect elements such as horizontal rules (HR ) or images. However, early versions ofExplorer did inherit colors onto HR elements,

Figure 4-22

Figure 4-22. Using the white-space: nowrap property to suppress wrapping in table cells.


Although white-space may seem like an insanelyuseful property, as of this writing, it isn't supported byanything except IE5 for Macintosh and preview builds of Netscape 6.Not even the ability to use nowrap for table cellsis available in other browsers, despite the fact that it would seemto be a very simple behavior to support.

30em. In Figure 8-7, the "blank" space around the paragraphs is actually their margins. (If the DIV had any padding, there would be even more blank space, but that wasn't the case here.)

In a similar fashion, the overall width of a list item's element box is equal to the content width of the list element that contains it. As you can see in Figure 8-8, the margins of a parent element can influence the layout of a child element.