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Table 5-2. Hypothetical Weight Assignments for Times

The assignment of the keywords normal and bold is straightforward enough, of course. As for the numbers, 100 through 300 are assigned to the Regular face because there isn't a lighter face available. 400 goes to Regular as expected, but what about 500 ? It is assigned to the Regular (or normal) face because there isn't a Medium face available; thus, it is assigned the same as | V | W | X | Y | Z

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In Figure 7-54, the left border is applied to thebeginning of the element, and the right border to the end of it.Borders are not necessarily applied in thisfashion; they can also be applied to the right and left side of eachline in the element, if the situation seems to demand it. Forexample, a grooved border might look better enclosed on each lineend, as shown in Figure 7-55.

Figure 7-55

Figure 7-55. An inline element with a border displayed across multiple lines of text, with the border boxes closed

It's also acceptable for the lines to be "open" as

A good way to remember this pattern is to keep in mind that the fourvalues go clockwise around the element, starting from the top. Thevalues are always applied in this order, so inorder to get the effect you want, you have to arrange the valuescorrectly.


An easy way to remember the order in which sides have to be declared,other than thinking of it as being clockwise from the top, is to keepin mind that getting the sides in the correct order helps you avoid cases where you want the browser to go ahead and automatically calculate the width, or the height, or both.