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attributein a block-level tag such as a paragraph <P ALIGN="left">,headline, e.g., <H2 ALIGN="center"> or page division<DIVALIGN="right">.  Each of these should terminate with a correspondingtermination tag </P>, </H2> or </DIV>as appropriate. 

The block-level <CENTER> tag is still a commonly-usedalternative (includes its own line breaks).  Use <BLOCKQUOTE>for both-margin indents, <UL> with no list items for

P {word-spacing: 0.2em;}
<P>The spaces between words in paragraphs will be increased by 0.2em.</P>
Figure 4-47

Figure 4-47. Increasing the space between words

By setting a negative value for word-spacing, words can be brought closer together. This has an effect like that shown in Figure 4-48:

P {word-spacing: -0.4em;}
<P>The spaces between words in paragraphs will be decreased by 0.4em.</P>
document, half as wide as the document's width and overwriting the first few elements!

In addition, if the document is scrolled, the paragraph will scroll right along with it. This is because the element's containing block is the BODY element's content area, not the viewport. If you want to position elements so that they're placed relative to the viewport and don't scroll along with the rest of the document, then the next section is for you. purple under the given rule, whereas simple inheritance would not besufficient to make them purple.

While you can use the universal selector in combination withclass and ID selectors, there isn't muchreason to do so. The following two rules mean exactly the same thing:

*.apple {color: red;}.apple {color: red;}

However, you should consider this: if you're concerned about