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Symbols | A | B | C | D | E | F Overflow clipping

In situations where the content of an element overflows its element box, and overflow has been set such that the content should in fact be clipped, it is possible to alter the shape of the clipping region by using the property overflow-clip.

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Here we see that not every line reaches to the right edge of theparagraph's content area, which has been denoted with a dottedgray border. The end of each line box is determined by the content ofthe line box. For comparison, let's try the same thing, butthis time right-justify the paragraph, as shown in Figure 8-48.

Figure 8-48

Figure 8-48. Line-box layout with right justification

Again, all we have here are the pieces of a single line of text whichhave been stacked on top of one another with their right sides linedup with each other. If we had set the paragraph to have atop left. That's why, unless you set different values for the position, background images always start tiling from the top left corner of the containing element.