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First, let's establish how the height of a line is determined. Aline's height (or the height of the linebox) isdetermined by the height of its constituent elements and othercontent (such as text). It's important to understand thatline-height really only applies to inline elementsand other inline content and not to block-level elements. We can seta line-height value for a block-level element, but | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

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x-height: em and ex units
XML (Extensible Markup Language): 1.2.6. Preparing for the Future
display property and: 2.9.1. Why Does the display Property Exist?
selectors in: 2.1.2. Simple Selectors

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background-repeat, the background image may tileindefinitely, or only along one axis, or not at all, and the startingposition of the tiling is dependent on the value ofbackground-position.


BODY {background-image: url(bg41.gif);}H2 {background-image: url(;}


BODY {background-position: top center;}
By making the W3C the keeper of the XML standard, it ensures that no one vendor should be able to cause interoperability problems to occur between systems that use the open standard. This should be reassuring to most companies making an investment in this technology, by being vendor neutral, this solution proposes to keep even small companies out of reach of big companies choosing to change the standards on them. For example, if a big company chooses to change the platform at its whim, then most other companies relying on that platform suffer. By keeping all data in XML and using XML in communications protocols, companies can maximize the lifetime of their investment in their products and solutions.

XML is language independent

By being language independent, XML bypasses the requirement to have a standard binary encoding or storage format. Language independence also fosters immense interoperability amongst heterogeneous systems. It is also good for future compatilbilty. For example, if in the future a product needs to be changed in order to deal with a new computing paradigm or network protocol, by keeping XML flowing through the system, addition of a new layer to deal with this change is feasible.

DOM and SAX are open, language-independent set of interfaces

called padding.



[ <length> | <percentage> ]{1,4}