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Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive GuideSearch this book while all other links will be dark gray when visited and medium graywhen unvisited -- as Figure 6-5 makes clear.

Figure 6-5

Figure 6-5. Setting different colors for different hyperlink classes

This sort of thing simply isn't possible with the oldBODY attributes. Furthermore, if you'regoing to use the BODY attributes, you have todefine them in each and every document. If you ever decide to changethose values ...well, you have a lot of files to edit, don'tyou? On the other hand, if you set up these colors as an external

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x-height: em and ex units
XML (Extensible Markup Language): 1.2.6. Preparing for the Future
display property and: 2.9.1. Why Does the display Property Exist?
selectors in: 2.1.2. Simple Selectors

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"seven properties" of horizontal formatting: (from the left) margin-left, border-left, padding-left, width , padding-right, border-right, and margin-right. These are illustrated in Figure 8-9. The values of these seven properties must equal the value of width for an element's parent.

Figure 8-9

Figure 8-9. The "seven properties" of horizontal formatting

Users could then pick the style they wanted to use, and the browser would switch from the first one (labeled "Default" in this case) to whichever the reader picked. Figure 1-4 shows one way in which this selection mechanism might be accomplished.

Figure 1-4

Figure 1-4. A browser offering alternate style sheet selection


Alternate styles sheets are only supported by one browser as of this writing -- Internet Explorer for Macintosh -- and that onlycorrectly.


An easy way to remember the order in which sides have to be declared, other than thinking of it as being clockwise from the top, is to keep in mind that getting the sides in the correct order helps you avoid "trouble" -- that is, TRBL, for "Top Right Bottom Left."