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Index: U

U element: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
UA (see user agent)
underlining: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
changing color of: Weird decorations
removing from hyperlinks: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
turned off by browsers: Weird decorations
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): 3.5. CSS2 Units
Uniform Resource Locators (see URLs)
units: 11.1.3. Case 3: Putting a Magazine Article Online
(see also length units; CSS2 units)
for aural style sheets: 3.5. CSS2 Units
avoiding mixing: 11.1.3. Case 3: Putting a Magazine Article Online
color: 3.6. Summary
background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: 20px 30px;}
Figure 6-43

Figure 6-43. Offsetting the background image using length measures

This is, of course, different than percentage values, in the sensethat the offset is simply from one top left corner to another. Inother words, the top left corner of the background image lines upwith the point specified in thebackground-position declaration. You can combinelength and percentage values, though, to get a sort of "best ofboth worlds" effect. Let's say you need to have a

universal selector: Universal selector
unordered lists: 7.7.1. Types of Lists
unvisited anchors: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
uppercase text: 4.1.5. Text Transformation
upright text: 5.4.1. Fonts with Style
URI (Uniform Resource Identifier): 3.5. CSS2 Units
URLs (Uniform Resource Locators): 3.4. URLs
HREF attribute and: LINK attributes
referring to in style sheets: 3.4. URLs
specifying for images: 6.2.1. Background Images
user agent (UA): 2.2.2. Grouping Declarations
2.2.2. Grouping Declarations
(see also browsers)
users, selecting alternate style sheets: Alternate style sheets

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User agents are not, according to the CSS1 specification, required to fully support negative margins, using the phrase, "A negative value is allowed, but there may be implementation-specific limits." In the world of web browsers, though Navigator 4.x, Explorer 4.x/5.x, and Opera 3.x do permit negative margins:

the same. For example, invalidValue comes out as adark blue, and inherit, which is a valid valueunder CSS2 but not CSS1, will come out as a really awful shade ofyellow-green. This is not correct behavior, but you'll need toremember it as you write your styles. Affecting form elements

to accommodate the border, it will be in danger of overwriting otherlines, as shown in
Figure 8-62.

Figure 8-62

Figure 8-62. Inline borders can be overlapped

One solution is to increase the line-height of theparagraph. This will affect every line in the entire element, notjust the line in which the bordered hyperlink appears:

A:link {border: 5px solid blue;}P {font-size: 14px; line-height: 24px;}