they default to a width of zero (again, assuming no border-style is declared; if one has been set, then the width of the borders is set to be the vaguely defined value medium ). Figure 8-10 provides a handy illustration for remembering which parts of the box can take a value of auto, and which cannot.

Figure 8-10

Figure 8-10. Horizontal properties that can be set to auto

width must be set to either auto or a non-negative value of some type. CSS Wednesday 28th of June 2017 07:11:34 AM

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octothorpe (#) preceding ID selectors: 2.3.2. ID Selectors
offsets (see side-offset properties)
CSS implementation in: 1.3.2. Implementations
padding and: 7.5.4. Padding: Known Issues
padding values, negative: 7.5. Padding
operating system, colors and: 10.5.2. Colors
order sorting: 2.8. The Cascade
ordered lists: 7.7.1. Types of Lists
7.7.2. List Item Images
origin image: Length values
origin sorting: 2.8. The Cascade
origins: 2.8. The Cascade
orphans property: 10.8.1. Paged Media
outline properties: 10.5.3. Outlines
overflow: 9.1.4. Content Overflow and Clipping
overflow-clip property: Overflow clipping
overflow clipping: Overflow clipping
overflow property: Overflow
elements, altering: 9.5. Stacking Positioned Elements
floated elements, preventing: 8.3.1. Floating: The Details
margins (see collapsing margins)
text, preventing: 8.4.3. Managing the Line Height of Inline Elements
overlining: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
overriding previously declared values: 11.1.3. Case 3: Putting a Magazine Article Online

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</STRONG></B></STRONG></SPAN>. </P> <!-- ...or, to put it another way... --> <P> bold <SPAN> bold <STRONG> regular <B> regular <STRONG> regular </STRONG></B></STRONG></SPAN>. </P>

Ignoring the fact that this would be entirely counterintuitive, what we see in Figure 5-16 is that the main paragraph text has a weight of 900 and the

SELECT {color: rgb(33%,33%,33%);}
Figure 6-11

Figure 6-11. Setting color on form elements

You could also set the foreground color of INPUT elements, although as we can see in Figure 6-12, this would have the effect of setting that color on all inputs, from text to radio-button to checkbox inputs:

SELECT {color: rgb(33%,33%,33%);}
INPUT {color: gray;}
Figure 6-12

Figure 6-12. Changing form element foregrounds

Also paragraph breaks.  <P>But making extra spaceby stringing P tags together doesn't work <P><P><P><P>. Usemultiple BR tags, or insert special non-breaking space characters betweenP tags instead:

 Also paragraph breaks. 

But making extra space with multiple P tags doesn't work  point in the element that can be described the same way. This isshown in Figure 6-40.

Figure 6-40

Figure 6-40. Lining up the center of the image with the center of the browser window

Thus, if you want to place a single background image a third of theway across the element and two-thirds of the way down, then yourdeclaration would be:

BODY {background-image: url(bigyinyang.gif);background-repeat: no-repeat;