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Index: M

margin-bottom property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margin-left property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margin property: 7.3. Margins
margin-right property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margin-top property: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
margins: 7. Boxes and Borders
7.3. Margins
collapsing: 7.3.5. Collapsing Margins
block-level elements: Collapsing vertical margins
floated elements: 7.6.1. Floated Elements
is none, which prevents them from existing. If aborder has no style, then it may as well not exist, so itdoesn't. The absence of a border style also resets the width,but we'll get to that in a little while.

Finally, the default border color is the foreground color of theelement itself. If no color has been declared for the border, then itwill be the same color as the text of the element. If, on the otherhand, an element has no text -- let's say a table whichcontains only images -- then thanks to the fact that color is

horizontal, noncollapsing: 8.2.2. Horizontal Formatting
inline elements and: 7.3.7. Margins and Inline Elements
caution with: 7.3.8. Margins: Known Issues
length values and: 7.3.1. Length Values and Margins
negative (see negative margins)
vs. padding: 7.2. Margins or Padding?
percentages and: 7.3.2. Percentages and Margins
replication: 7.3.3. Replicating Values
single side, setting margin for: 7.3.4. Single-Side Margin Properties
table cells and: 1.3.1. Limited Initial Scope
markers: 8.2.3. List Items
8.2.3. List Items
10.4.2. Markers
matching hyphenated values: Matching hyphenated values
matching single attribute values: Matching single attribute values
max-height property: Limiting width and height
max-width property: Limiting width and height
media types: 1.3.1. Limited Initial Scope
10.8. Media Types and @-rules
Microsoft Internet Explorer (see Internet Explorer)
middle alignment: In the middle
millimeters (mm): 3.2.1. Absolute Length Units
min-height property: Limiting width and height
min-max properties: Limiting width and height
min-width property: Limiting width and height
monospace fonts: 5.1. Font Families
multiple pages, using styles on: 1.2.3. Using Your Styles on Multiple Pages

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colors, and many other factors. You can experiment with this effect simply by changing the background color of your computer's desktop. The colors of your icons will appear to subtly shift as you do so.

In an attempt to address this situation, displays such as monitors usually have a default gamma value set; this is a factor that modifies colors to account for display conditions. The gamma is typically set via the operating system, although more expensive monitors may have their own gamma settings. The problem is that different systems have different gamma values. Thus, if you were to create a web page with a color

BODY, TABLE, TD, TH {color: red;}

This will often solve the problem. I say "often" because it doesn't always work, for reasons that are poorly understood. Navigator 4 has the most trouble getting it right, but its failures are not consistent. The best minds in CSS analysis have yet to come up with a recipe for predicting Navigator's behavior, unfortunately.


Something else to watch out for is Navigator 4's handling of wouldn't otherwise happen. It does make some sense, given theusual desire for declaring a width on floated textelements in any case, but the specification does notrequire that a width bedeclared in order to make a text element float successfully. InternetExplorer 4.x for Windows does.

Also, you must have the final version of Explorer 4.x for this towork -- so if you're still using a preview release,you'll need to upgrade it, which is probably a good idea