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by Eric A. Meyer
ISBN 1-56592-622-6
First edition, published May 2000.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: HTML and CSS
Chapter 2: Selectors and Structure
Chapter 3: Units and Values
Chapter 4: Text Properties
Chapter 5: Fonts
Chapter 6: Colors and Backgrounds
Chapter 7: Boxes and Borders
Chapter 8: Visual Formatting
Chapter 9: Positioning
Chapter 10: CSS2: A Look Ahead
Chapter 11: CSS in Action
Appendix A: CSS Resources
Appendix B: HTML 2.0 Style Sheet
include a generic font family as a last resort, e.g.
   <FONT FACE="Creepy, Times New Roman, serif">
Generic font families include serif, sans-serif, monospace,cursiveand fantasy

Note that as of HTML 4, you are encouraged to use style sheets insteadof these in-line font manipulations, but these tags work fine. 
  Appendix C: CSS1 Properties
Appendix D: CSS Support Chart

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DIV#sidebar {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 15%; height: 7em;
overflow: hidden;}

In such an instance, the clipped content would not be accessible to the user. This would lead to a situation like that illustrated by Figure 9-10.

Figure 9-10

Figure 9-10. Clipping content with overflow

Finally, there is overflow: auto. This allows user agents to determine what behavior to use, although they are encouraged to provide a scrollingofyou will no doubt remember the first time you changed the colors of aweb page. Instead of the old black text on a gray background withblue links, all of a sudden you could use any combination of colorsyou desired -- perhaps light blue text on a black background withlime green hyperlinks. From there, you probably moved on to puttingimages in the background and combining background images withappropriately colored text to make some really cool-looking pages.

Eventually, though, one comes to realize that setting a single color