single rule. Use of this property is encouraged over the otherbackground properties because it is more widely supported anddoesn't take as long to type.


his property defines whether or not the background image scrolls alongwith the element. This is generally applied toBODY only, and in fact is largely supported onlyfor that element. It is theoretically possible to create"aligned" backgrounds in multiple elements using this Friday 18th of April 2014 02:18:47 AM

by Eric A. Meyer
ISBN 1-56592-622-6
First edition, published May 2000.
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Chapter 1: HTML and CSS
Chapter 2: Selectors and Structure
Chapter 3: Units and Values
Chapter 4: Text Properties
Chapter 5: Fonts
Chapter 6: Colors and Backgrounds
Chapter 7: Boxes and Borders
Chapter 8: Visual Formatting
Chapter 9: Positioning
Chapter 10: CSS2: A Look Ahead
Chapter 11: CSS in Action
Appendix A: CSS Resources
Appendix B: HTML 2.0 Style Sheet
Appendix C: CSS1 Properties
Appendix D: CSS Support Chart
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Then again, such people are probably more familiar with thinking inhexadecimal notation, which is what we turn to next. Hexadecimal colors

If you've done any web authoring inthe past and have ever set a color in the course of that authoring,then this part will be a snap. You can set a color using the same