dashed line has been added to illustrate the edges of the clipping region. This line would not actually appear in a user agent attempting to render the document.

Figure 9-11

Figure 9-11. Contracting the clipping region

The syntax of rect is an interesting case. Technically, it can be commas -- but the CSS2 specification contains examples both with and without commas and defines rect as accepting both the comma and Friday 21st of October 2016 10:59:58 AM

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Chapter 1: HTML and CSS
Chapter 2: Selectors and Structure
Chapter 3: Units and Values
Chapter 4: Text Properties
Chapter 5: Fonts
Chapter 6: Colors and Backgrounds
Chapter 7: Boxes and Borders
Chapter 8: Visual Formatting
Chapter 9: Positioning
Chapter 10: CSS2: A Look Ahead
Chapter 11: CSS in Action
Appendix A: CSS Resources
Appendix B: HTML 2.0 Style Sheet
Appendix C: CSS1 Properties
Appendix D: CSS Support Chart
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unreadable links. Real-world issues

That's pretty much all there is to setting a background color.Well, except for one more small warning: Navigator 4 gets the placement ofbackground colors completely wrong. Instead of applying thebackground color to the entire content box and padding, the coloronly appears behind the text itself, as shown in Figure 6-17.