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by Eric A. Meyer
ISBN 1-56592-622-6
First edition, published May 2000.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: HTML and CSS
Chapter 2: Selectors and Structure
Chapter 3: Units and Values
Chapter 4: Text Properties
Chapter 5: Fonts

The default value of font-style is, as we can see, normal. This refers to "upright" text, which is probably best described as "text that is not italic or otherwise slanted." The vast majority of text in this book is upright, for instance.

Chapter 6: Colors and Backgrounds
Chapter 7: Boxes and Borders
Chapter 8: Visual Formatting
Chapter 9: Positioning
Chapter 10: CSS2: A Look Ahead
Chapter 11: CSS in Action
Appendix A: CSS Resources
Appendix B: HTML 2.0 Style Sheet
Appendix C: CSS1 Properties
Appendix D: CSS Support Chart

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effect shown in Figure 6-58:

BODY {background-color: white; background-image: url(yinyang.gif);background-position: top left; background-repeat: repeat-y;background-attachment: fixed;}BODY {background: white url(yinyang.gif) top left repeat-y fixed;}BODY {background: fixed url(yinyang.gif) white top left repeat-y;}BODY {background: url(yinyang.gif) white repeat-y fixed top left;}
Figure 6-58

Figure 6-58. Using shorthand

Actually, there is one slight restriction to how the values are