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Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1005 Gravenstein Highway North, horizontal margins are notcollapsed. If you somehow manage to have two block-level elementsnext to each other, and each has a margin, the margins will notcollapse. The easiest way to illustrate this principle is to setmargins on two images and then have them appear on the same line, asthey do in Figure 8-6:

<IMG SRC="test1.gif" STYLE="margin: 5px;" ALT="first test"><IMG SRC="test2.gif" STYLE="margin: 5px;" ALT="second test">
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This makes good sense, since if you declare P {color: maroon;}, you probably expect that any text within that paragraph will also be maroon, even if it's emphasized or boldfaced or whatever. Of course, if you want such elements to be different colors, that's easy enough, as illustrated by Figure 6-9:

P {color: maroon;}
EM {color: #999999;}
Figure 6-9

Figure 6-9. Different colors for different elements

In Figure 8-46, the borders for each line of textalso happen to coincide with the top and bottom of each line box.This is only true because no padding or line height has been set forthe inline text, but for the moment, let's use the visual cuefor reference. Also, notice that the borders actually overlap eachother slightly: for example, the bottom border of the first line isjust below the top border of the second line. This is because theborder is actually drawn on the next pixel (assuming we'reusing a monitor) to the outside of each line