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To understand why, let's go back to the paper-and-plastic analogy employed in the previous section. Think of an inline element as a strip of paper with marginal plastic surrounding it. Displaying the inline element on multiple lines is like cutting up the strip into smaller strips. However, no extra plastic is added to each smaller strip. The only plastic used is that which was on the strip to begin with, so it only appears at the beginning and end of the inline element. Sebastopol, CA 95472.

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containing block, and its edges are placed using the side-offsetproperties. The positioned element does not flow around the contentof other elements, nor does their content flow around the positionedelement. This implies that an absolutely positioned element mayoverlap other elements, or be overlapped by them. (We'll seehow you can affect the overlapping order at the end of the chapter.)

Remember that the containing block of an absolutely positionedelement is not necessarily its parent element. In fact, it often isnot, unless the author takes steps to correct this situation.

none | left | right | both





Applies to

all elements

Actually, there is one slight restriction to how the values areordered in background , which is that if you havetwo values for background-position , they mustappear together, horizontal first, then vertical. That probablyisn't a surprise, but it is important to remember.

As is the case for shorthand properties, if you leave out any values,the defaults for the relevant properties are filled in automatically.Thus, the following two are equivalent: