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Of course, since we're dealing in shades of gray, all three RGBnumbers are the same in each statement. If any one of them wasdifferent from the others, then a color would start to emerge. If,for example, rgb(50%,50%,50%) were modified to bergb(50%,50%,60%), the result would be a mediumgray with just a hint of blue.

The equivalents for the various rainbow primaries, plus a few others,are presented in Table 3-1.


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if the declaration text-transform: uppercase; had been used instead, as shown in Figure 5-30. This is obviously not an ideal solution, but it is permitted.

H1 {font-variant: small-caps;}
Figure 5-30

Figure 5-30. Legal, if not optimal, rendering of small caps


Of the browsers which even recognize font-variant: small-caps (Explorer 4 and 5, and Opera 3.5), onlybest declaration would be:

H1 {color: maroon;}

Simple, straightforward, and difficult to forget. It doesn'tget much better than that. Here are a few more examples:

H1 {color: gray;}H2 {color: silver;}H3 {color: black;}

Of course, you've probably seen (and maybe even used) color