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drawback: a very few early versions of Navigator 4.x could crash whentrying to process an @import statement. This wasquickly fixed, and very few of these versions are still in use.

11.2.3. Fighting Margin Problems with @import

If you want to use margin rules which you knowwon't work in Navigator, use the previous trick and thecascade to your advantage. Let's say you want a document where

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UL {margin-bottom: 10px;}LI {margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px;}H1 {margin-top: 28px;}

Therefore, the last item in the list has a bottom margin of 20pixels, the bottom margin of the UL is 10 pixels,and the top margin of a succeeding H1 is 28pixels. Given all this, once the margins have been collapsed (or, ifyou prefer, overlapped), the distance between the end of theLI and the beginning of the H1is 28 pixels, as shown in Figure 7-17. be blue (although we can't show that in print). This is due tothe fact that the image is contained with a hyperlink, and theforeground color of hyperlinks is usually blue. Ifwe so desired, we could change that color to besilver, like this:

A:link IMG {border-style: outset; color: silver;}

As Figure 7-32 shows, the border is now based on thelight gray silver, since that's now theforeground color of the image -- even though the image