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Figure 6-46

Figure 6-46. Another set of negative lengths

Negative percentages are also possible in theory, although there aretwo issues involved. The first is the limitations of user agents,which may not recognize negative values forbackground-position. The other is that negativepercentages are somewhat interesting to calculate. Figure 6-47 shows why.

Figure 6-47

Figure 6-47. Aligning negative percentage points: two scenarios

This isn't to say that you shouldn't use negative values,of course, just that there are issues to consider. As always.

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Compared to the other aspects of borders, setting the color is pretty easy. In CSS1, there is the single property border-color, which can accept up to four color values at one time.

If there are less than four values, value replication takes effect. So if you want H1 elements to have colorIE4 Y/Y IE5 Y/Y NN4 Y/Y Op3 Y/-

Sets the foreground color of a given element. For text, this sets the text color. The value of color is inherited by any borders of an element, unless they have had a color set border-color.


STRONG {color: rgb(255,128,128);}